The Greek Salad

Η Χωριάτικη σαλάτα

Easy, Effortless & Fun.

Sofia and Artemis must prepare a Greek Salad for their guests, coming to celebrate her name day. But the ingredients are too busy competing in the Olympic games to help her. The Greek Salad is a fun way to introduce and explore ideas around Greek food and culture for young children. 

Written in English, Greek and latinised Greek, the book can be used as a fun way to prepare a Greek salad with your child, and encourages kids to effortlessly pronounce the words in Greek.


The attention to detail in the illustrations and expressiveness of the characters and the stories, along with the simplicity of the language makes this book the easiest way for children to want to explore Greek words. 

Its one of the best bilingual books we have around today

Eleni Elefterias

Bilingual bookshop