My Grandma is a Musician – Hardcover



Η ΓΙΑΓΙΑ ΜΟΥ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΜΟΥΣΙΚΟΣ is a song that breaks the stereotypes of what grandmothers do. Accompanied by amazing artwork and a song accessible via a QR Code in the book. Full colour pictures.

Not only is it Bilingual Greek and English but also includes the transliteration so that anyone can read it in Greek even if they can’t read Greek .

The book Grandma is a Musician is all about occupations but also can be used to teach about what is in the pictures such as landscapes, animals and colours. It includes a list with all the occupations used in the book in the masculine and feminine forms as well as generic terms. Great for use in schools.

The song is performed by Eleni Elefterias and all the instruments played by the multi-talented musician, teacher, performer and multi-instrumentatist Sotiris Prokopiou.

We hope the song in the book Grandma is a Musician will become a classic household tune and that children will sing along for years to come.

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