Greeks supporting Greece

Peter Kazacos

The Grammatakia isn’t just a book, its a world of ideas that leverages the Greek brand. This is the best way to celebrate greece and help it flourish in the future.

Mary Kostakidis - Reporter

“I love the idea of having something that makes the Greek language   so fun and playful that my grandkids will want to engage with it”

Professor Vrasidas Karalis. Professor of Modern Greek Chair of Department

“The stories and characters are simple, clear, lucid, deeply educational  and most importantly engaging. A sorely needed way to bring Greek into the life of all children”

Eleni Elefteriades - Greek Educator

“It’s a beautiful world of characters that lets children’s natural curiosity lead them to discover the Greek Language. IT is a constant surprise and delight”

George Kapiniaris

MY kids are speaking perfect Spanish thanks to Dora the Explorer! Why can’t I get something to teach them Greek! This is the answer I’ve been looking for!

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Kaz Group

“This is a great opportunity for companies seeking to leverage their Greek branding to penetrate new markets in the social media space. “

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