Grammatakia books

Stories designed in collaboration with writers, illustrators, educators and psychologists to introduce the rhythms of the Greek language and the amazing depth of Greek culture to curious young minds.

The Greek Salad

To be read to 0-5 yr olds

Can also be read by 6-8 yr olds, who will be able to use their english reading skills to learn Greek words.

Written inline in Greek, English and phonetic Greek, the Greek Salad is a great introduction to help parents and kids learn the greek words for the ingredients of a Greek Salad in an engaging and fun story. The book comes with stickers to reinforce the lesson.

Today is Sofia’s nameday and her cousins are coming to visit.
She has to prepare a salad, but all the ingredients are busy in the Olympic games!
Can she and Artemis her cat make the salad in time?”

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Coming soon - The Alpha in Athens

The Alpha in Athens is a great book that simultaneously teaches kids the Greek alphabet,  the culture of Athens and also teaches kids basic greek words. 

A perfect way to deepen the cultural experience for families travelling to Greece.

Alpha has lost the Grammatakia all over Athens. Join his exciting adventure as he travels through the city in pursuit of the Grammatakia. Preorders will be available March 2017.

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