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Welcome to Sofia and the Grammatakia,  picture books that effortlessly bring the Greek language into your child’s life.

Fun stories written in Greek, English and Greeklish – no fluency required for parents!

‘The Greek Salad’  follow the story of Sofia, a curious 7 year old girl as she prepares a Greek Salad for her cousins, coming to celebrate her name day. But the ingredients are busy competing in the Olympic games! can she collect them in time?

– Free accompanying video download of book, read in English and Greek

– Contextual learning stickers included

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Contextual Learning Stickers

Removable stickers you can put up around your kitchen to keep your children immersed in the fun of learning Greek through the stories. The stickers can also inspire games for your children to play, such as finding the ingrediatns in their own kitchen to make the salad.

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A world of fun characters

Each book introduces a new set of characters who explore a different aspect of Greek langauge and culture. More fun coming soon….

Statement from the creator of Sofia and the Grammatakia

The Greek language brings with it a deep historical memory and a cultural wealth that is central to Greek identity.

Whether you have a Greek heritage and want to keep your kids connected to their cultural heritage; or you want to excite your children about a culture that is at the epicentre of any academic, scientific, political and philosophical disciplines that your child may eventually pursue; or if you want to help your kids get the most out of an upcoming holiday to Greece, the mission of Sofia and the Grammatakia is to help kids fall in love with everything Greek.

I hope you enjoy the adventures of Sofia and the Grammatakia.

Yannis Nikolakopoulus

Meet Our Team

Stephanie Kazacos
Yannis Nikolakopoulos
Peter Kazacos
Chris Nikolakopoulos

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